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me: it’s sad how many D&D players can’t spell rogue.

friend: Roq

me: that would be a hilarious name for a rogue. or a multiclass barbarian rogue. illiterate so he can’t spell.

friend: a barbarian could never be a rogue, he’d be too loud

me: yeaah… “I steal his pants.” “you are never going to make that roll.” “no, you don’t get it. this is an INTIMIDATE roll. he is going to give me his pants or die.”

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procrastinating on tumblr
My parents:
can you please-
are you serious do you even know how much homework i have im stressing over so much please don't make me do it i really need to get this homework done im so tired

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Whenever anyone is talking about how feminist Avatar is they always forget how within the first 4 minutes of the first episode Sokka says ‘Leave it to a girl to screw everything up’ and the Katara calls him sexist and gets so mad she destroys an iceberg and finds the Avatar and basically Katara calling Sokka out on his shit started the whole show

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